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Mission Statement

For the past several years, I have had the honor of serving on the Executive Board of the California Judicial Council’s Bench Bar Coalition (BBC) and for the past year as the Co-Chair. That organization is composed of judges and leaders of local and statewide bar associations and legal services organizations, and is designed to enhance communication, perform legislative outreach, advocate for funding, and coordinate the activities of the judicial community with the state. In that role, as well as in my role as a temporary judge, I have learned first-hand the specific challenges faced by our court, the Alameda County Superior Court.

In Alameda County, we are currently experiencing a significant shortage of funding, and not enough court clerks, court reporters, interpreters, and other essential court staff. As the result of that shortage, the Court’s day to day operations are significantly impacted which means that your access to the court and the court’s ability to service your legal needs and your access to justice, is greatly restricted. The court does not have adequate funds to hire sufficient staff to work in the courtrooms; not enough judges to fill the courtrooms; not enough interpreters to translate court proceedings for the many diverse residents in our county; and, not enough funds to meet the demand for translation of court documents into the 50+ languages that are spoken by the residents of Alameda County.

Through my involvement with the BBC, I was able to successfully advocate for increased funding for the court every year, but there is still work to be done. As a Judge of the Superior Court of Alameda County, my mission is to serve you, the public. I will accomplish this mission by:

  • Continuing to advocate on behalf of our court for increased funding so that you the citizens of Alameda County will have the resources and court services that are so desperately needed.
  • Taking an active role in assessing, evaluating and reevaluating the court’s capacity to provide essential services to the people of Alameda County.
  • Consistently advocating for revised and improved processes to make the interaction with the court more streamlined and efficient for the public.
  • Providing at all times a fair and efficient system of justice, committed to excellence, fairness, fostering public trust, understanding and confidence.

I will be diligent, trustworthy, and accountable to the public always, holding myself to a high standard of excellence and devoted public service. I will always be impartial and respectful in my actions, procedures, decisions, and treatment of all who come before the court. And I will provide visibility on how decisions are made to all parties and attorneys through regular and clear communication.

Vision Statement

My vision as a Superior Court Judge is to be an ambassador of the Alameda County Superior Court to the public by doing my part to provide a fair and responsive system of justice while protecting rights and liberties, upholding and interpreting the law, and resolving disputes peacefully, fairly and effectively for all citizens of Alameda County. This includes an effectively managed Judiciary and Judicial System that fully utilizes technological advancement, accountability, and alternative dispute resolution to best serve the public, while seeking the highest possible understanding, trust, and confidence.

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